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Pop is not Ubuntu

Pop OS, an Ubuntu based Linux distro by Denver Colorado based hardware manufacturer System76. Some say that it’s just Ubuntu with a different skin. Is it so? What makes people think that?

I think having Ubuntu as base is the main reason behind this conception. Ubuntu is a pretty great distro, nice and popular and very easy to use. But Pop goes a step ahead and makes Ubuntu better.

Right from the start, it offers you 2 versions at a time LTS and a point release. LTS comes with two years of support and point releases come with a support period of nine months generally. No matter which one you choose you get option of choosing from two .iso files to download. One specific for the hardware having NVIDIA graphics card and the other for the devices with Intel/AMD cards.

Pop OS doesn’t use the Ubiquity installer which Ubuntu uses. Interface of Pop’s installer is little different. Apart from all the other things you get to choose in the beginning, it also gives you the option of full disk encryption. Another feature that I love of Pop very much is the recovery partition, it works like a live USB stick. You can repair or reinstall from the recovery partition. There is one more of option of refresh install which lets you reinstall the OS without losing any data in the home folder.

What do you like about Pop OS, you can tell me.