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My Thoughts on Writing

Writing is something that attracts me. Actually it has been attracting me towards itself for a long time. How much power those words contain in themselves, is just magnificent. You may be sitting in your home-office chair or in cafe-chair with a cup of coffee sitting next to you or just lying in your cozy bed but if you are reading something and it is right thing then you are not there, you are in the world of those written or printed words in front of you.

When it comes to writing I have so many ideas but just can’t express them in writing. I just start to fall short of the words I need or just laziness starts pulling me back. I have this very nice idea of a story I want to write a novel about, I am very clear about the story in-fact I am so much clear that I can tell it in under 5 minutes. I started to write it in august 2018, wrote a page and has not looked at it or added a new line since then.

Reason? Well, I just don’t know how to shape that story in words. Is it possible to write a 250–300 pages long book based on story I can tell you in under 5 minutes? May be you can tell me.