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My Choice of OS

OS or Operating system is the very important part of computer system. This is the piece of software which allows us to interact with our computer. When it comes to desktop computers we see Windows and Mac dominating the category but a third option is also there, Linux. Its presence in desktop section is growing day by day.

Ubuntu was my first distro and when I got familiar and comfortable with it I explored dual boot setup. For a fair amount of time I dual booted my laptop with Ubuntu and Linux Mint. There was even a time when I had 4 distros installed in my laptop. Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary and the fourth slot was ever changing as I used to distro-hopp continuously. I tried many distros like Solus, Manjaro, Zorin, Linux Lite, Ubuntu Budgie and many more.

I have been a regular listener of podcast Linux4everyone by Jason Evangelho. It was in October 2019 when I heard him continuously talking about the Pop Os from System76 on his podcast and twitter. Initially I had no interest in it because it just was another Ubuntu based distro or just Ubuntu with a different theme (as some people described it at the time). One day just out of curiosity which I got from hearing Jason continuously talking about it and how it betters Ubuntu, I downloaded the version 18.04 lts on October 20 of 2019. I liked it instantly and have been using it since then.

Currently I am using Pop 20.04 lts, I upgraded to 20.10 when it came out but after some time just went to back to 20.04. The thing I like the most about system76 is that they back-port the newer features present in non-lts versions to the lts version, 20.04 was released with the kernel version 5.4 but currently it is running on 5.8.0–7642. I use it with dash-to-dock and arc menu gnome extensions. I changed the default shell to fish from bash with flash theme.

What is your OS of choice? Well, you can tell me.