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Read anything anywhere about Elementary OS and sure you will come across things like Mac clone or having looks of Mac etc etc. Why is it so? Just because of the dock (or panel or whatever you call it) placed in bottom part? One thing I just want to make clear here that I have no experience of using Mac OS so I can’t compare the performance of these two but experience of using Elementary I have.

Now coming to my experience of Elementary. It is based on Ubuntu LTS so ease of use comes naturally but even after being based on Ubuntu Elementary is different from Ubuntu. First of all it does not release versions like Ubuntu, it kind of follows semi-rolling release model. It is lightweight in comparison to Ubuntu and bloat-free.

When I first used Elementary it was the version 5.0 Juno, to be honest at the time I didn’t like it that much so just after a few days I uninstalled it. My second stint with it started in December 2019 when the version 5.1 Hera came out. Linux community was constantly talking about it, how even after being just a point release it was an impressive release. Hearing so many good things about it made me give it a second chance. Generally I don’t go for OS upgrades, I like to download the latest .iso and install fresh but this time I made the exception. I installed the version Juno and upgraded it to Hera, the upgrade size was of about 1.5GB. In the process of upgradation there comes a moment when the wallpaper changes from Juno default to Hera default, this was the moment when I got the feeling which was missing in my earlier use of Elementary.

There is a feature in Elementary which shows the wallpaper of the user on lock screen with the username, I love this feature the most. There is no office suite preinstalled in Elementary which disappoints me a little. I also don’t like the default Adwaita icon theme. There are no minimize and maximize buttons available. Since creators of Elementary want us to use it as they make it, it is not very easy to change the theme and icons although it is not impossible. For that we need to install elementary-tweaks, for that we need to add a PPA and for that first we need to enable adding the PPA in terminal. Since adding a third party PPA gives the root access of your device to the PPA I just refrain myself from doing so. This PPA getting root access thing I got to know from creators of Elementary that is why I would like very much to see a flatpak version of elementary-tweaks.

Apart from these 2–3 things I liked using it very much. With every passing day I loved Elementary more and more.

Do you use Elementary or have used it? You can tell me.