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Bash Scripting

Linux and terminal sound inseparable. I think there are many people who take a step back when it comes to choose Linux based OS instead of Windows or Mac just because of the fear of the terminal. There are distros which you can use on daily basis without touching the terminal even once. Be it Ubuntu or Pop or Solus and many other distros, these all are terrific choices, they just work ootb and don’t require you to know about the command line.

There is no harm in not using the command line or not knowing the command line. But there is really very cool feeling in using terminal. It makes computing amazingly beautiful. In my case it was the use of command line for some specific task that made me go for Linux. I always liked typing command in the terminal, terminal just attracts me towards it.

There are thousands of commands in Linux and I don’t think that anyone can say that (s)he knows every single one of those. When we search about Linux commands on internet we come to know about a very interesting fact that although plenty of commands are out there but we need not knowing all of them. We only need to know a small set of commands.

When dealing regularly with command line we come across situations where we need to use same commands in same order many times. In this situation scripts come handy. So what is a script? Well, to put in simple words, a script is a text file having commands we need to execute written in same order we need to run them obviously with some syntax.

So learning scripting can save us time and effort. When we search for tutorials of scripting on internet we get so many, be it written article or video content. Mostly these articles are written by Linux experts and when you are an absolute beginner there are many things you just don’t understand or feel difficulty in understanding. It’s not that those articles are wrong or writer intentionally used hard language to get readers confused. In my opinion it is the matter of perspective. When an expert writes or says something, in his/her mind he/she is thinking on level of an expert and that is natural. So what do we need? I think we need ‘for beginner, by beginner’ approach.

I have been using Linux for 2 years now but I still consider myself a beginner. Recently I started to try my hands in scripting, so I searched the internet and found many tutorials, downloaded some. But when I go through them just after some time I start to feel overwhelmed. Then I came across a video tutorial which elaborated things in pretty simple way but editing of that video shows some carelessness , they just did cut many points, I mean they just start to talk about a point and instantly start to talk about other point.

It came to my mind that I should work something towards that ‘for beginner, by beginner’ approach. So I am going to write about bash scripting as I know it. For beginners by this beginner.

To be continued…